Hey, Film Geek – Sync Your Audio/Video Footage Fast!

So, you’re the next Kevin Smith, huh?

You’re just waiting for the world to notice.

kevin smith audio video sync in imovie

Here’s the bad news, syncing audio to your short film or video project is a tedious process.

You’re spending precious college party hours getting your dubbing just right when there’s a full keg waiting for you in the dorm down the hall.

We’re here to make your life easier.

DreamSync: The Answer to Your Audio/Video Sync Issues

DreamSync is a miracle for film students.
Recording video and sound separately is vital to your project, but laboring over it doesn’t have to be.

Get DreamSync Now

DreamSync does your homework for you by automatically sub-clipping your video and matching the audio up in just the click of a button.

We make it super easy to drag and drop (which may or may not be your preferred method of leaving the bar, but we digress…)

Save Time, Edit Less, Live More

We know you’ve (potentially) got the next great American movie on your hands.

But you shouldn’t be spending all your precious time syncing those 8,000 takes you took of your friend crying because she couldn’t stop laughing in-between the most emotional scene in the film.

Save those hours to watch the AFI Top 100, argue with your friends about film noir, or figure out what the hell David Lynch was trying to say in Mullholand Drive.

Don’t waste your college loans working harder than you have to.

DreamSync can take the toughest project and do the work of an assistant editor in moments.

After you’re finished putting together your masterpiece, it can be easily imported to your favorite editing software like Final Cut Pro, iMovie, or even Adobe Premiere for finishing touches.

Bottom Line

Not every student film is going to have an epic soundtrack to rock your film teacher’s face off.

Thankfully, now yours CAN with DreamSync. (Creativity not included)

Now walk yourself over to that keg before it’s tapped out…

You’re welcome.

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