How to Unlock Hidden Advanced Features in iMovie

As a video production trainer, I get asked the “how to sync audio and video in iMovie” question… A LOT.

Believe it or not, iMovie does NOT have that sort of functionally built in.

That’s what makes it so different from Final Cut X or Adobe Premiere Pro.

So, for the sake of this article, I won’t teach you how to sync audio and video in iMovie (instead, check out this post for a step-by-step guide).

Manual Processes and Hidden Features

What I will say is that iMovie is already extremely effective for newbie to intermediate editors cutting simple videos together.

If you’re shooting with an iPhone or DSLR camera, it’s still an excellent tool when you need to sync audio and video.

Granted, this process will be done manually in the timeline by hand.

But as long as you’ve kept your video and audio footage neatly organized, it shouldn’t take you too much time to sort out before editing your talking head and interview footage together..

HOWEVER, (audio video sync aside) did you know that there ARE a set of ADVANCED TOOLS that are hidden in the Menu bar of iMovie??

Yup. And guess what? They’re actually kind of awesome.

advanced-features-in-imovie-dream-sync tutorial

What Do These Advanced Features Do?

iMovie’s advanced features let you do the following:

  1. Keyword Controls: 
Helps to organize clips by keyword
  2. Cutaway Options: 
Let’s you test out multiple clips to insert the best looking cutaway
  3. Picture-in-Picture: 
Useful if you have multiple camera angles recording and want to present them at the same time
  4. Chapter Markers: 
Allows you to mark sections of your video and get right to a certain part in your finished .MOV file or DVD)

How Do I Turn Them On?

Click on our 40 second video tutorial below to find out how to activate these Advanced Features in iMovie!


Your Workflow is Officially Limitless

Using DreamSync for audio / video syncing and THEN using iMovie’s advanced features, you’re pretty much unstoppable when it comes to creating your videos. Here’s what your workflow now looks like on paper:

  1. Sync your videos with DreamSync.
  2. Import them into iMovie.
  3. Activate the advanced features.
  4. Go nuts.


Oh! And as for that “syncing audio and video in iMovie” dillema? Try using something like DreamSync… it’ll do wonders for your workflow and speed everything up.

Check out a demo of DreamSync below and let us know what you think!

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