How to Sync Video and Audio in iMovie

There have been a lot of questions about how best to sync audio and video from an H4n and DSLR camera in iMovie.

Here’s a breakdown from YouTube tutorial expert Matthew Pearce, who tells us how easy this process really can be with a little bit of work.

How to Sync Video and Audio in iMovie

Here we are in iMovie with some footage that was shot with on a Canon 70D. (My personal favorite DSLR camera to shoot with these days.)

Of course I’m using this setup, I normally use with a timeline down here at the bottom. If you’re using the more traditional setup, it doesn’t really matter, this is just the way that I prefer it.


The first step is to of course bring in our audio.

It doesn’t matter which you use for an external recorder where there’s something nice like a Zoom H4n or your iPhone, let’s go ahead and drag it in.

drag file into imovie to work with in timeline and sync audio and video

The next step is going to be to turn on the audio waveforms and this is something I actually recommend you guys. 

Always have on because it’s really going to help you out, but in case you don’t, it’s just this button down here at the bottom right and once you click it, bam, all the sudden now you can see exactly what’s going on with your audio.




I like to do three evenly spaced because those three spikes are super easy to find when I’m looking at the audio timeline. 

As you can see they’re right there, so it’s simply a manner of bringing our clip over and lining up those three peaks. 

Of course, I could zoom in a little bit more if I want to get it more exact but I think this is going to be pretty good just how it is.


The final step is simply bringing down the audio in our original timeline.

Once it’s down, all we’re going to hear is our newly synced external audio with our video footage.


How to Sync your Audio and Video To Begin With:

Now, if you are trying to sync your audio and video together to begin with, that’s an entirely different process.

For “one click audio and video synchronizing”, we recommend trying out DreamSync.

This little tool will save you tons of time in post-production and make it super simple to piece your audio and video content together.

Check out a demo of DreamSync below and let us know what you think!

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