Best DSLR for Video as a Beginner? Here it is…

The BEST DSLR For Video Beginners: Canon 70D

I’m just going to go ahead and say it… the Canon EOS 70D is the ABSOLUTE BEST DSLR for video in 2014 under $1500 dollars!

As a DSLR videographer myself, I can rightfully say this camera is the most jam packed Canon model ever released with new features for videographers and enthusiasts alike.

Don’t believe me? Check out this video on the Canon EOS 70D from What Digital Camera just to show you how awesome this DSLR camera truly is:

The Best DSLR for Video has Some Badass “Technical” Features

I tend to get way ahead of myself with excitement when talking about amazing DSLR camera gear.

If you’re a beginner to DSLR video, I’ll start by giving you the tech specs that might make more sense… best dslr for video under 1500 dollars in 2014

The 70D is the best DSLR for video under 1500 because it has Dual Pixel CMOS AF functionality; meaning it has the ability to shoot videos in “live view”.

This is a revolutionary autofocus technology similar to that of a high-end camcorder costing well over $5,000.

(Translation: This is the EASIEST DSLR for beginners just getting started in video production with a less than 1500 budget.)

According to Canon US official website, here are some of the best Canon 70D features:

  • Built-in wireless technology that allows you to wirelessly transfer images to social networking sites through Canon iMage Gateways
  • 20.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor, 14-bit A/D conversion, ISO 100-12800 (expandable to H:25600) for shooting bright to dim light, and high performance DIGIC 5+ Image processor
  • High speed continuous shooting up to 7.0 fps
  • EOS Full HD Movie mode with Movie Servo AF for improved continuous focus tracking
  • Vari-angle Touch Screen with 3.0-inch Clear View LCD Monitor II
  • 19-point all cross-type AF system (including a high-precision f/2.8 dual cross-type AF center point)
  • Intelligent Viewfinder with superimposed LCD display provides approximately 98% field of view
  • Advanced in-camera imaging features such as High Dynamic Range, Multiple Exposure, Handheld Nigh Scene and HDR Backlight Control, along with seven Creative Filters that can be displayed in real time during Live View shooting

Although built specifically for videographers, the Canon EOS 70D can still produce quality photos with its Scene Intelligent Auto Mode in MOV format.

It also has improved scene detection for great results when shooting at night.

Canon is known to have the best DSLRs for video creation around and the 70D is no exception.

Even if you’re just getting started and plan to edit your movies in iMovie or Adobe Premiere Elements.

DSLR Videography User Tip

I’m an avid fan of teaching newbie DSLR video shooters. As a special treat to you; here’s a quick rule for the setting your video’s ISO on your new camera (even if it’s not the Canon 70D). Click play on the video below…

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Best Part About the 70D for Video

This bad boy is a good deal with a retail price of around US$1,500 at Canon USA  for JUST the camera body.

Of course, a better deal is to always go through resellers like Amazon.

They’ve got full 70D DSLR starter kits for beginners as low as $1,300!

This includes a few kit lenses, camera bag, tripod, etc. (Don’t worry, if you’re just getting started you can check out my Camera Lenses Explained beginners guide.)

DSLR Purchasing PRO TIP:

Like most people, I like to try things before I buy them. less than 1500 for the best dslr camera - borrow lenses coupon and rental for the canon 70DIf you’re interested in renting the Canon 70D before purchasing, I would highly advise checking out

This site is 100% amazing and lets you rent out ALL the gear you’d ever need for any production shoot.

I usually get all of my gear from them days ahead of my shoots so I can get a chance to play with the settings before my productions.

Rent the camera for a few days, and if you’re sold on the best DSLR of the year (which is hard not to be).

BorrowLenses also has a Purchase Used Gear offer so you can basically get the camera at right around half the cost.

(Check out the video below to get a Borrow Lenses Coupon and learn about why my production company trusts them so much)

DSLR Euphoria

If you follow my blog, you know that I advocate quality shooting style over equipment.

However, for newbies just getting into DSLR video production, the Canon 70D offers a learning curve unlike any I’ve ever seen in the market before.

Whatever camera you decide to purchase, I wish you the best of luck.

If you have any questions, I’m always available in the comments below. You can also follow all of my blog posts by subscribing to the newsletter here.


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