.mp4 to .AVI Converter Free – Video Converter Wondershare Ultimate

.MP4 to .AVI Converter – FREE Wondershare Ultimate Video Converter

Today we’re going to check out an incredible video converter that will let you take videos (from a URL or on your computer) and convert them from .MP4 to .AVI as well as to .mp3, to .MOV, to DVD (mpeg format), to .MKV and ANY other format that your computer (Mac or Windows PC) can’t even understand.

It’s called Wondershare’s Video Converter Ultimate. And honestly… we LOVE it!

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Online Video Downloading From .Mp4 to Mp3, to AVI, MKV, etc…

Also, you can download video from YouTube or other online video sources.

All you have to do is click on “add URL”, then, go to a YouTube video of your choice.

Copy and paste the URL into Wondershare Video Converter.

And BOOM. Just like that, the software will begin to download.

What’s even better is that we can check out the conversion formats to download it into. .AVI to .Mp4, M4v, MOV, MP3… You Name it. The program will do it .

YouTube Video to DVD Authoring

Wondershare’s video conversion software doesn’t only convert video, but it also handles .mp4 to .AVI burs as DVDs! 

All you have to do is drag the converted AVI (or MP4) file inside of Video Converter Ultimate and into the a DVD option, and you’re on you’re way to DVD burn town!

I have never seen a video converter have these sorts of extra features before.

.mp4 to .AVI converter wondershare convert video

Breakdown of all Convert Video File Formats

They have MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, M4V, MKV, XviD – which I have not seen other video converters have that before; that’s really good – and VOB – which is really nice (that’s to convert a file to DVD format.).

WonderShare can basically convert AVI to .MP4, Mp3, WMV, MOV, MPEG, and even newer formats like to TS and to TRP.

AND you can even do to SLV, to F4V, and to SWF. (These are for YouTube, Facebook, and Vmail video.)

Audio File Format Conversions

Now on the audio tab, you could choose this conversion to audio, if you just want to strip the audio off the video. They have everything here: Mp3, AC3, M4A, WMA, and WAV, which are the ones that are used the most, and a lot more here.

Now on the audio tab, you could choose this conversion to audio, if you just want to strip the audio from the video.

They have everything here:

Mp3 converter, to AC3 conversion, to M4A converting, to WMA, and to WAV format, which are the ones that are used the most.

WonderShare Video Converter has also built in the ability to work with 3D!


Yes. You can even EXPORT TO 3D FORMATS!
mp4 to avi convert wondershare video ultimate converter

Wondershare Video Converter ultimate also outputs game console formats. SO, if you want to convert your gameplay to videos, can convert to PSP, to PS3, to Xbox 360, to Wii, to PS Vita and even an obscure Motorola format.

Once you download a video from YouTube, if you want to convert it to something, just go ahead and right click it and click on convert to, or you can click on burn to DVD if you want to make a DVD off of it, or open file location if you want to see where it downloaded to.

Final Thoughts on WonderShare’s Download Video Converter

We really love this program.

It gets five stars in our eyes for sure and doesn’t leave you burnt out when trying to convert content.

The only issue is that it’s not 100% up-to-date with all the phone formats, but that’s okay. We’ll let it slide

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate has got enough functionality to keep any freelance video editor busy with online video download conversions.

You can burn a DVD and you can download videos from YouTube.

THAT is amazing. Enough said.

Get the Most Badass Video Converter for FREE

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Free Copy? Hell Yeah! Gimme.

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