Displaying Sync Results in PluralEyes vs. Woowave DreamSync


Sync Results in PluralEyes vs. Woowave DreamSync

WooWave DreamSync and PluralEyes both have very different methods for showcasing synchronization results in their respective viewer windows.

Check out the video and screenshots below for a detailed explanation of these differences…

(video source: Official Woowave DreamSync YouTube Channel)

Synchronization Results in PluralEyes

In PluralEyes, we actually have to go to the two up button here in the corner, and then select “Camera 2” to be able to see that view. 

01 pluraleyes sync results with 2-up view button

And, as you’ll notice in the next screenshot, there are only 2 camera angle views that can be displayed at any one time.

02 sync result view options in pluraleyes by selecting camera angle to see

Synchronization Results in Woowave DreamSync

WooWave DreamSync actually displays up to four windows.

03 audio video sync results window display in woowave dreamsync

So if you have four angles, you’ll see all four playing in unison, versus PluralEyes, which only has a two up screen to display two cameras at one time.

Which Do YOU Prefer?

As a potential user of either one of these programs, let us know which sync result view window is better for your digital workflow in the comments below.

PluralEyes vs. Woowave DreamSync: Importing Footage


Pluraleyes vs. Woowave DreamSync: Import Footage

When comparing Woowave DreamSync to PluralEyes, there are a couple of differences to take note of.
The first is how seamless it is to actually drag and drop all of your clips directly into Woowave DreamSync.

drag and drop all mov files into woowave dreamsync

Video Tutorial on Importing Footage

Check out the video below to get an “in-depth” example of how this minor difference  can save you LOADS of time when synchronizing audio and video footage with Woowave DreamSync vs. PluralEyes.

(video clip source via Woowave DreamSync YouTube Channel)

The PluralEyes Process for “Drag and Drop”

As with most editing sessions, you’ll always want to start your synchronization efforts outside of your dedicated NLE
(i.e.- before going into iMovie, FCP 7, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.)

If you go into PluralEyes, you’ll notice that dragging and dropping all of the clips in will not produce the same results as it would inside of DreamSync.

pluraleyes drag and drop mp4 clips into project

The reason for this is because inside of PluralEyes you actually have to make a separate been for every individual camera angle.

creating bins inside of pluraleyes vs woowave dreamsync

Thankfully, PluralEyes DOES recognize audio files for what they are and places them into a default bin called “Audio Recorder”.

audio camera bin in pluraleyes for sync

The downside is that if you were to click sync  at this point, the software will treat all of these angles as ONE SINGLE CAMERA ANGLE, causing the synchronization to fail or result in false positives.

To avoid this issue in PluralEyes, we must place each camera angle into its own separate Bin.

separate camera bins pluraleyes vs woowave dreamsync

output of camera track results in plural eyes vs woo wave dream sync

That’s an extra step that you’d have to do in order to synchronize in PluralEyes.

The EAISER Solution: Woowave DreamSync

Inside of Woowave DreamSync; the process of “preparing clips” into bins before clicking “Sync” is easy:
Just drop all of your clips into the bin, click SyncAnd that’s it.

click sync in woowave dreamsync

You’ll end up with wonderful results within the “synchronization” window at the bottom.

audio video synchronization results in woowave dreamsync

For more information on Woowave DreamSync and how it compares to PluralEyes for synchronization, check out the Woowave DreamSync website here.

And let us know what you think about these differences in the comments below.

Happy Syncing!

PRESS RELEASE: Taking Audio / Video Syncing to New Creative Edges

how to use woowave dreamsync 007


Woowave DreamSync Debuts at NABShow 2015’s Startup Loft

PRESS RELEASE: Originally published in Washington NewsWorld

Atlanta, GA,– It can be an editor’s worst nightmare; adding a music track to video shot on location. The band sang along to a boom box recording of their song to keep up with the tempo. Now the editor must sync all this video footage in post-production.

A new app being introduced at NABShow2015, WooWave DreamSync, can now complete this “sync workflow” in one click, making the video editor’s job a dream by cutting down on hours of editing time.

Woowave DreamSync works by spinning your audio and video footage through a proprietary synchronization algorithm. The results are a series of “sequences” that let you review the results and export or publish them as desired.

how to use woowave dreamsync 005

From here, users can XML export the results into their favorite editing software (NLE), replace the unwanted camera audio from each video clip, and even cut a “multi-cam” clip right inside of the software to export as one Quicktime video.

For example: Imagine videotaping a piano recital on different smartphones from multiple angles. The video will look great, but the audio will sound echoey and unprofessional when played back.

However, if an audio recording of the performance is captured separately, Woowave DreamSync will let users drag and drop all of these pieces of media into the program, synchronize them, and even cut them  into a visual (and audible) masterpiece.

Woowave DreamSync was created as a joint-venture; co-founded by Igor Jovcevski (Woowave, Inc. in London) and Jon Acosta (Pixelynx Labs, LLC in Atlanta) in early 2015. The company’s mission is to empower video creators with affordable production solutions.

Woowave DreamSync’s proprietary software is incredibly user-friendly. Files are dropped into the software and prepared for sync with one click.

woowave dreamsync workflow for audio video synchronization

Jon Acosta explains the reason for this joint-venture, “Igor crafted the original ‘Woowave’ back in 2011. It was brilliantly coded and super fast, but it was missing that ‘ease of use’ that everyone expects these days”.

Acosta continued, “The original version of DreamSync was incredibly easy to use, it just needed a faster sync engine. This joint venture was inevitable.”

The only competition to WooWave DreamSync is PluralEyes (By Red Giant), which is available for $199.

“I was looking for an alternative to PluralEyes and wasn’t satisfied,” stated Igor Jovcevski, company partner and co-founder.

“When I couldn’t find anyone to create the software as I thought it should be, I taught myself how to code and finished the algorithm in two years.”

Woowave DreamSync is the evolution of Jovcevski’s original audio/video synchronization tool.

WooWave DreamSync will officially launch at the NABShow2015 in Las Vegas, NV on April, 12th and be available for the introductory price of $99. US, including free lifetime updates.

For more information, visit www.woowavedreamsync.com

Team Woowave DreamSync at NABShow 2015

sync video audio tool at NAB Show 2015 Team Woowave DreamSync

LIVE at NABShow 2015 with Team Woowave DreamSync

This week, our team will be showcasing the brand new release of WooWave DreamSync.

sync video audio tool at NAB Show 2015 Team Woowave DreamSync

If you are at the show, make sure to come check us out in the Startup Loft Pavilion (North Hall – Booth N7633).

Woowave DreamSync is giving all NABShow guests a special offer. Come talk to us about it!

We have also teamed up Cinephonix for a special music production license promotional to all NAB visitors.

video sync with audio woowave dreamsync

Not at the NAB Show in Las Vegas?

No problem! Make sure to check out our home page to get your hands on Woowave DreamSync at the introductory price.

This offer will end on Friday, so take advantage of it while you can!

Happy Syncing,
Team Woowave DreamSync

WooWave DreamSync – Premiering at NABShow 2015

woowave dreamsync audio video sync tool upgrade

The New Audio-Video Sync Standard – WooWave DreamSync

At this year’s NAB, two small companies are joining forces to take on PluralEyes.

Pixelynx Labs, LLC of Atlanta and WooWave, Inc. of London have combined forces to specifically tackle PluralEyes with what they claim is a faster, more accurate, more feature-rich and more affordable audio-video synchronization application.

An Audio Video Sync Joint Venture

The new company is called WooWaveDreamSync, Inc and the product is called DreamSync (Powered by WooWave). It will debut at NAB in the StartUp Loft, a launching pad for new companies.

The players behind the product are Igor Jovcevski, a London videographer and software developer who founded WooWave in 2001, and Jon Acosta, president of Pixelynx Labs, a videographer & tech entrepreneur based in Atlanta.

Igor Jovcevsk is a London videographer and founded WooWave in 2001.
Igor Jovcevsk is a London videographer and founded WooWave in 2001.

Both have long worked separately on a better version of audio-visual sync software and joined forces last year when each realized the other had created better parts of a new solution that each needed.

“Igor is a brilliant software developer but was in the same boat as me,” said Acosta. “He was trying to find something better than PluralEyes. He couldn’t find anyone to create the software, so he ended up teaching himself how to code. He finished the algorithm in two years. The result was brilliant.”

“That algorithm”, said Acosta, “is faster and more accurate than PluralEyes” WooWave works well with his own drag and drop interface in DreamSync (now being referred to as DreamSync Legacy).

The two decided in order to compete with PluralEyes they should bring their two products together.

Defeating the Competition

After four months of testing, the new software is now in beta and will be released at NAB.

All current DreamSync users will get the new DreamSync (Powered by WooWave) for free.
The current DreamSync will become DreamSync Lite in the near future.

audio video multicamera synchronizing with WooWave DreamSync

“The WooWave algorithm is a lot faster than PluralEyes. As we’ve been tweaking it over the last few months, it outperforms PluralEyes on multiple levels and we’ve seen some errors that PluralEyes, Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premier have made, while the engine from WooWave is almost 100 percent accurate,” Acosta said.

Jon Acosta worked with Jovcevski to blend their two products into one, creating DreamSync, which uses the WooWave algorithm.
Jon Acosta worked with Jovcevski to blend their two products into one, creating DreamSync, which uses the WooWave algorithm.

“When the audio and video are off, it’s called a false positive,” he continued. “We found a lot of false positives from PluralEyes, while WooWave actually nailed most of them. That blew me away.”

Acosta said the new WooWave-enhanced version of DreamSync will process the audio and video quicker, have fewer false positives, recognize more video formats and be lower in cost, debuting at $99.

Acosta said a goal of the new application is to recognize any video format or codec. It will allow users to encode their video from inside the software, as opposed to handling the encoding in a third party NLE and then importing an XML file to DreamSync.

Once synchronized, the new software will let users trim down their clips, and even export individual synchronized clips as separate QuickTime files. This feature is for less complicated video shoots or single camera interviews.

The software also has a feature to automatically disregard the on-camera audio (the one users replace with better audio) so there’s no extra step in muting multiple audio tracks.

woowave dreamsync at nabsbhow2015

Audio Video Sync Made Simple

“Igor and I are determined to create a better synchronization engine than PluralEyes,” Acosta said. “We are not a big corporation, but a small dedicated team committed to making the fastest sync application out there. That’s our advantage.”

PluralEyes is not a bad application at all, said Acosta. “It’s a really, really robust product. Their business model is they are trying to make a suite of applications and trying to up-sell customers with all their other products. For us, we are trying to create software to solve one problem.

FREE Future Upgrades for Everyone

Later this year, DreamSync will release a plug-In for Avid’s Media Composer. The product will support high-end cinema-style camera formats.

“Their biggest advantage from a competitive standpoint today is their drift sync auto correct,” he continued.

“That’s when a video and audio clip are so long they fall out of sync ever so slightly. It happens the longer the clip is. PluralEyes can correct that for you on the fly. We will concentrate on that in our next generation, but not on the first release. We will add the feature later this year and make it free to our users. We think that feature is awesome and it took them a lot of time to put that together.”

Pre-Order WooWave DreamSync Now!
Article originally posted at The Broadcast Bridge by Frank Beacham

FreshBooks Pricing Plans – Video Editor Invoicing Tools

freshbooks pricing plans and is freshbooks free

Freshbooks Pricing Plans for Video Editors

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jF3U3dfKF0

In this quick Hangout, I discuss Freshbooks Pricing Plans, how much it really costs to use this killer invoice platform, and how you can use Fresh Books 100% Free while you grow your business! 

Get your Freshbooks Free for life plan here: http://www.jonathanacosta.com/freshbooks

What is Freshbooks?

Freshbooks is a cloud accounting software that lets you take control of invoicing as a Freelancer by recording time tracking and hours for your video editing, graphic design, or any other type of business as a contracted freelancing “solopreneur” 

The invoicing platform is also great because it integrates your Paypal account (which makes getting paid SOOO much easier)

This is the MOST beneficial thing you can do as a solo startup who is paid hourly and needs a really great way to track your hours and get paid faster. 

Freshbooks Pricing Plan Model?

All Fresh book Plans are FREE for 30 days, but using the URL provided and the trick in the video, you’re able to keep your account free post- 30 days as long as you have 3 clients in the accounting system.

Get your Freshbooks Free for life plan here: http://www.jonathanacosta.com/freshbooks

Convertir de .MP4 a .Avi Gratis – Wondershare Ultimate Video Converter

file mp4 to mp3 convert wondershare video ultimate converter

Convertir de .MP4 a .Avi – Wondershare Ultimate Video Converter

Hoy vamos a echarle un vistazo a un increíble convertidor de videos que te dejará tomar videos (desde un URL o un video de tu computadora) para convertir de .MP4 a .AVI e igualmente de .mp3 a .MOV, a DVD (formato mpeg), a .MKV y cualquier otro formato que tu computadora (Mac o Windows PC) no pueda reconocer.

Se llama Wondershare’s Video Converter Ultimate. Y honestamente… ¡Nosotros lo ADORAMOS!

¡Descargar Wondershare Video Converter Gratis!

Descarga de Video en Línea Desde .Mp4 a Mp3, a AVI, MKV, etc…

Además, tú puedes descargar videos de Youtube u otras fuentes de videos en  línea.

Todo lo que tienes que hacer es hacer clic en “Agregar URL” y entonces ir al video de Youtube de tu elección.

Copia y pega el URL en Wondershare Video Converter.

Y BUM. Así de simple, el software empezará la descarga.

Y lo mejor es que nosotros podemos echarle un vistazo a los formatos de conversión con el que los queramos descargar. .AVI a .Mp4, M4v, MOV, MP3… Lo que sea. El programa lo hará.

Autoría de Videos de YouTube a DVD

El software de conversión de video de Wondershare no solo convierte videos ¡Sino que también quema los videos de .mp4 a .AVI como DVDs!

Todo lo que tienes que hacer es arrastrar el archivo AVI (o MP4) dentro del convertidor y seleccionar la opción de DVD ¡Y eso será todo lo que necesitarás para quemarlo en DVD!

Yo nunca antes he visto un convertidor de videos con este tipo de funciones extras.

Convertir de .MP4 a .Avi wondershare convert video

Desglose de Todos Los Formatos de Conversión de Videos

Los formatos engloban MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, M4V, MKV, XviD – lo cual nunca he visto que tenga otros convertidores de videos; eso es realmente genial – y VOB – lo cual es excelente (ese formato se usa para convertir un archivo a formato DVD).

WonderShare puede básicamente convertir AVI a .MP4, Mp3, WMV, MOV, MPEG, e inclusive formatos más nuevos como a TS y a TRP.

E inclusive puedes transformar a SLV, a F4V y a SWF. (Estos formatos son para YouTube, Facebook y Vmail Video.)

Conversiones de archivos de formato de audio

Ahora en la pestaña de audio, tú puedes elegir esta conversión hacia audio, sí quieres cortar el audio de un video. Todos los formatos son soportados: Mp3, AC3, M4A, WMA, y WAV, los cuales son los más usados por la mayoría, y mucho más aquí.

Ahora en la pestaña de audio, tú puedes escoger esta conversión hacia audio sí solo quieres cortar el audio del video.

El convertidor tiene todo:

Convertidor a Mp3. Convertidor a AC3, Convertidor a M4A, a WMA, y para formato WAV, los cuales son unos de los más usados.

¡WonderShare Video Converter también tiene la habilidad incorporada de trabajar con 3D!


Si. ¡Inclusive puedes EXPORTAR A FORMATOS 3D!

Convertidor de .avi a .mp4 wondershare video ultimate converter

El convertidor Wondershare Video Converter ultimate también maneja formatos juegos de consolas. ASI QUE, si quieres convertir tus sesiones de juego a videos; este software puedes convertir a PSP, a PS3, a Xbox 360, a Wii, a PS Vita e inclusive un oscuro formato de Motorola.

Una vez que hayas descargado un video de YouTube sí lo quieres convertir a otro formato, solo presiona el clic derecho sobre él para convertirlo, o puedes darle clic a quemar en DVD sí quieres montar un DVD con él, o puedes visualizar su localización sí quieres ver dónde fue descargado.

Pensamientos Finales Del Convertidor de Video y Descargas de WonderShare

De verdad adoramos este programa.

Obtiene cinco estrellas ante nuestros ojos con completa seguridad y no te deja decepcionado cuando intentas convertir contenido.

Él único problema es que no está 100% actualizado con todos los formatos móviles, pero está bien, lo dejaremos colar.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate tiene suficientes funcionalidades para mantener a un editor de videos independiente muy ocupado con las conversiones de videos descargados en línea.

Tú puedes quemar un DVD y puedes descargar videos desde YouTube.

ESO es asombroso y suficiente.

Obtén el Mejor Convertidor de Videos Totalmente GRATIS

Sí quieres obtener una copia de Ultimate Wondershare Video Converter, solo haz clic en el botón de abajo.

¡Descargar Wondershare Video Converter Gratis!

< – English Version of this article

Freelance Video Editor Sales Invoice Template – 2015 Freelancer Solutions

contractor online invoice template meme face for excel

Freelance Video Editor Sales Invoice Template Hack: Free Online Invoicing

PRO TIP: Stop Using Computer Invoicing Templates in Word or Excel to Bill Clients! 

It looks unprofessional…

Free Invoice Tool to Get Clients Paying Faster

Freelancer / Contractor Invoice Template Headache

As a freelancer, we BOTH know you hate having to worry about billing your client for hours you’ve worked or the total amount owed after a successful sale.

Today, we wanted to share one of our favorite secret business weapons called Freshbooks;

a FREE online time tracking and invoicing tool that allows you to bill your clients and track your hours while you work.

Automatic Sales Invoice Template

Freshbooks allows you to set up “auto recurring payments” every month.

You don’t have to manually create that invoice! It’s going to happen automatically to saves you time and it saves your client time too.

You can choose how often you want this to repeat and you will be automatically invoicing your clients and saving a ton of hours and freelancer frustration doing what you do best — working on your freelancing craft and marketing yourself for more cliental.

contractor online invoice template meme face for excel

HTML Invoice Template Time Tracking

If you take advantage of the time tracking feature in FreshBooks, you can generate an invoice for your client directly for your time sheet.

You can do it directly from the online invoicing template platform and you can bill them based on the hours you’ve worked.

Profit and Loss Report

The Sales Reporting Tools also gives you a good idea of your freelancing (or small business) financial outlook.

You can really see where the money is going and where the money’s coming from. If you’re not using this profit and loss report in FreshBooks then you’re definitely missing out on some very valuable information in your regular old fashioned Invoice Sales Templates.

Accept Online Payments

When creating a Free HTML invoice in FreshBooks’ Template System, you will have the option to allow your customers to pay via PayPal!

If you allow online payments, you can really streamline your freelancing business and help bring in money faster and not have to worry about billing your clients all the damn time.

sales invoice template aha moment for contractors using invoice templates
This is probably how you’re feeling right about now.
Don’t worry. We forgive you.

Contractor Invoice Template of Awesomeness

So what the hell are you still reading this for?

Freshbooks is 100% FREE to use! Go sign up (no credit card required) and stop making silly Computer Invoices in Word or Excel Templates.

Get Freshbooks for FREE Now

.mp4 to .AVI Converter Free – Video Converter Wondershare Ultimate

file mp4 to mp3 convert wondershare video ultimate converter

.MP4 to .AVI Converter – FREE Wondershare Ultimate Video Converter

Today we’re going to check out an incredible video converter that will let you take videos (from a URL or on your computer) and convert them from .MP4 to .AVI as well as to .mp3, to .MOV, to DVD (mpeg format), to .MKV and ANY other format that your computer (Mac or Windows PC) can’t even understand.

It’s called Wondershare’s Video Converter Ultimate. And honestly… we LOVE it!

Give Me a Free Copy of This Awesomeness

Online Video Downloading From .Mp4 to Mp3, to AVI, MKV, etc…

Also, you can download video from YouTube or other online video sources.

All you have to do is click on “add URL”, then, go to a YouTube video of your choice.

Copy and paste the URL into Wondershare Video Converter.

And BOOM. Just like that, the software will begin to download.

What’s even better is that we can check out the conversion formats to download it into. .AVI to .Mp4, M4v, MOV, MP3… You Name it. The program will do it .

YouTube Video to DVD Authoring

Wondershare’s video conversion software doesn’t only convert video, but it also handles .mp4 to .AVI burs as DVDs! 

All you have to do is drag the converted AVI (or MP4) file inside of Video Converter Ultimate and into the a DVD option, and you’re on you’re way to DVD burn town!

I have never seen a video converter have these sorts of extra features before.

.mp4 to .AVI converter wondershare convert video

Breakdown of all Convert Video File Formats

They have MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, M4V, MKV, XviD – which I have not seen other video converters have that before; that’s really good – and VOB – which is really nice (that’s to convert a file to DVD format.).

WonderShare can basically convert AVI to .MP4, Mp3, WMV, MOV, MPEG, and even newer formats like to TS and to TRP.

AND you can even do to SLV, to F4V, and to SWF. (These are for YouTube, Facebook, and Vmail video.)

Audio File Format Conversions

Now on the audio tab, you could choose this conversion to audio, if you just want to strip the audio off the video. They have everything here: Mp3, AC3, M4A, WMA, and WAV, which are the ones that are used the most, and a lot more here.

Now on the audio tab, you could choose this conversion to audio, if you just want to strip the audio from the video.

They have everything here:

Mp3 converter, to AC3 conversion, to M4A converting, to WMA, and to WAV format, which are the ones that are used the most.

WonderShare Video Converter has also built in the ability to work with 3D!


Yes. You can even EXPORT TO 3D FORMATS!
mp4 to avi convert wondershare video ultimate converter

Wondershare Video Converter ultimate also outputs game console formats. SO, if you want to convert your gameplay to videos, can convert to PSP, to PS3, to Xbox 360, to Wii, to PS Vita and even an obscure Motorola format.

Once you download a video from YouTube, if you want to convert it to something, just go ahead and right click it and click on convert to, or you can click on burn to DVD if you want to make a DVD off of it, or open file location if you want to see where it downloaded to.

Final Thoughts on WonderShare’s Download Video Converter

We really love this program.

It gets five stars in our eyes for sure and doesn’t leave you burnt out when trying to convert content.

The only issue is that it’s not 100% up-to-date with all the phone formats, but that’s okay. We’ll let it slide

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate has got enough functionality to keep any freelance video editor busy with online video download conversions.

You can burn a DVD and you can download videos from YouTube.

THAT is amazing. Enough said.

Get the Most Badass Video Converter for FREE

If you want to get a free copy of the Ultimate Wondershare Video Converter, just click on the button below.

Free Copy? Hell Yeah! Gimme.

Leer el Artículo en Español->

Pluralsight Review – Virtual Online IT Training Company

pluralsight free trial review and training for ios swift development

Pluralsight Review – Virtual Online IT Training

So, I recently signed up for an amazing virtual training company called Pluralsight.com.

Since I’m pretty experienced in these “virtual learning” websites (i.e.- I have a my own video production course on uDemy.com) I figured it would only be right for me to give an honest review of the site’s learning platform.

Pluralsight is giving eager tech enthusiasts a solid training platform to setup development environments and learn programming (like iOS Swift Tutorial, IT Training, and VFX Tutorial Modules Maya).

From there, you can create apps in mobile languages, websites, become qualified for a new IT career, and create 3D renderings from start to finish!


This site is so damn comprehensive that Pluralsight has even launched free courses and a “kids only” online training version to teach children how to code. (More reason to learn how to code NOW before they take your job in 4 years).

I’ve been so impressed with this site’s content, that I thought I’d do a little more digging on the history.

Here’s what I learned…


Pluralsight’s History

The company started out in 2014 as a “classroom training” platform developed by Aaron Skannord, Fritz Onion, Bill Williams and Keith Brown.

These IT Trainers basically started teaching other technicians, developers, and VFX specialists the old fashioned way; in person.

And now, less than a year later, they’ve created an online learning company that has been valued at more than $1 Billion!


That’s exactly what I said too.

(Source: Pluralsight Review by Jon Acosta)
Give Me the Pluralsight Free Trial

Learning From Experts and Innovators:

The reason I love Pluralsight so much is because this e-learning site offers world-class online virtual training courses solely focused on highly technical software and advanced digital marketing tactics. (Which has helped me in developing DreamSync and a recent iOS business card app)

pluralsight free trial review and training for ios swift development

And, unlike uDemy, Skillsharelynda.com, or any other QTP Online Training Platforms, the course trainers on Pluralsight are professionals in their respected field.

These Fields Include:

  • IT Trainers / Administrators
  • Creative specialists
  • QTP Online Specialists
  • Innovators
  • Business leaders

Since the launch of Pluralsight, the company has been offering courses that cover all sorts of software development languages like:

  • Ruby and JavaScript
  • iOS Swift tutorials
  • Design products like Oracle, VMware, and Photoshop

As a member of the platform, you even get to connect with IT Trainers and online training providers through discussion boards for ongoing and real-time learning.

Download Exercise Modules For Practice:

Pluralsight training courses give you the BEST skills and experience that you need to succeed in any career you’re trying to learn.

ios swift development training free trial

You can download exercise modules, as well as watch videos to practice applying your new skills.

The virtual training company’s subscription model encourages you to learn, practice, and improve as much as you can (because you’re paying for it… so you want to get your money’s worth and learn fast to gain clients and make money)

Assessing Your Progress and Building Official Transcripts:

The site even tracks your progress through pre and post-course assessments.

When you successfully complete the course, Pluralsight’s online training platform provides you with a verified certificate and an official transcript to build your online resume.

pluralsight transcript and certification

This is AMAZING for IT Trainees or designers who are trying to beef up their resume with highly wanted credentials!

PluralSight Free Trial:

Apparently, there used to be a “Pluralsight Free Trial for 90 days“.

But now they’ve dumbed it down to 10 days (still absolutely worth it).

This trial is completely free of charge, and you can cancel it if you don’t like it before the 10 days are up.

A pretty cool feature I discovered is that some of the courses are free even without a membership or “free trial” signup!

(For details, check out https://www.pluralsight.com/kids.)

However, if you DO get a subscription, you’ll have 100% access to the full rich Pluralsight Training Library.

That includes access to training on things like:

  • Microsoft’s Dreamspark
  • BizSpark
  • WebsiteSpark
  • And so many more, it would take me all night list every one

A Great Source for IT Trainer Tutorials:

Beyond the Pluralsight Review that I created, I have to say this site is providing the BEST Virtual Learning for beginners 100%.

And it’s ultimately changing the way learning is done.

It’s changing the way certified professions make money.

And it’s a REALLY cool thing to be a part of.

Here’s How I Used Pluralsight:

Since Swift is a much less complicated programming language to learn for a beginners (and is only used for iOS applications) I found it the best place to start for expanding my horizons as a newly seasoned iOS developer.

If you are looking for an virtual online learning opportunity that’ll expand your skillset and help you make more money; Pluralsight is the way to go.

Forget Skillshare, Treehouse, Lynda, uDemy, or any other “online training providers” out there with half-assed virtual courses.

Pluralsight is the real deal.