How to Separate Audio and Video in Adobe Premiere

how to separate audio from video in premiere dream sync

How to Separate Audio and Video in Adobe Premiere

Sometimes when you’re editing in Adobe Premiere (Pro CS6, CC, or even Elements), you want to separate your audio and video so that you can manage them individually.

In the professional editing world, this is a CRUCIAL skill to know; especially with the rise of separate sourced audio and DSLR video cameras.

In a nutshell: If you’re trying to create a solid piece of content, A/V sync is the very first step you must master.

Removing audio from your video allows for more creative freedom when moving your clips around in the timeline.

This trick also allows video professionals to pull off more believable scenes and design impressive cutaway b-roll shots while still keeping the audio intact.

Robert and our friends over at The Shopcyl Hub have created a quick tutorial
on how to remove audio from one of your video clips in Adobe Premiere.

Check out the video below:

Screenshot Breakdown for Removing Audio From Video Clips:

Now, a situation where you might use this is one like this, where there’s a video clip that I’ve cut up and I want to remove the sound from just one piece.

Click this little track lock button to lock that video track.

how to separate audio and video in premiere 1

Select the audio portion to delete

how to separate audio and video in premiere 2

Click delete on the keyboard.

  how to separate audio and video in premiere 3

Because the audio track was locked it didn’t just delete the video along with the audio since they’re linked. Instead, Premiere locked the video in so that you can now delete the audio.

When you unlock that video, you can now delete any portion that you would like without losing the audio.

how to separate audio and video in premiere 4

This is the best method to separate audio and video in Premiere.

To keep the AUDIO ONLY and just remove the video:

Lock your audio

how to separate audio and video in premiere 5

Click on the video you want to delete and press delete on your keyboard.

how to separate audio and video in premiere 6

Given these steps, you’ll be able to create all sorts of enticing scenes by moving your video clips around while maintaing your audio content in place.

Synchrizing Audio and Video From the Start:

Now, if you are trying to sync your audio and video together to begin with, that’s an entirely different process.

For “one click audio and video synchronizing”, we recommend trying out Woowave DreamSync.

This little tool will save you tons of time in post-production and make it super simple to piece your audio and video content together.

Check out Woowave DreamSync below and let us know what you think!

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Enhance your Video Editing Experience with the Latest Adobe Prelude CC Updates

adobe prelude dreamsync review

Enhance your Video Editing Experience with the Latest Adobe Prelude CC Updates

Adobe Prelude CCIf you have been video editing for some time now, I’m sure you are already in love with Adobe Prelude CC.And if you’re not yet in love with it, check it out and I’m sure you will be in no time.

Adobe Prelude CC is an Adobe product that allows you to add important metadata during the video ingestion process.

Prelude is the first step in creating an easier workflow when working on a long and tedious production. It gets the job done tremendously well and that’s why I just love it.

What’s more, this tool has just recently received some important updates that greatly improved my video editing experience.

I’m telling the San Francisco Bay Area video production community these things because I also want you to experience what I have experienced.

Important Adobe Prelude CC Updates

Adobe Prelude CCWith Adobe Prelude CC, you have a streamlined productions process because the tools that you’re using are well connected and designed specifically for logging workflows and video ingest.

The integration is just so amazing it will blow your mind. Here are some of its important updates:

  • Easily rename files on ingest

This update allows you to have presets of filenames that will automatically rename files the moment they are ingested to whatever media you choose. This makes remembering and searching files a lot easier.

  • Personalize metadata on ingest

Prelude allows you to create your own metadata templates so that you can now easily collect important information about the video and this becomes part of the ingest workflow.

  • Support for new media formats

GoPro camera owners avoid Prelude because of its lack of support for the latter’s media format. Now GoPro lovers have the ability to upload their footage through Prelude for a much more seamless workflow.

  • Generate markers that you can print

If you need to share notes with your producer, you will have no problem listing markers and printing them because it’s easy to generate with Prelude.

  • Exporting of rough cuts

Adobe Prelude CCSharing of rough cuts is faster by exporting directly to Adobe Media Encoder or to Adobe Premiere Pro in case it needs final editing.

Adobe Prelude CC received a lot of important updates recently but I believe these are the most important ones.

Those who are in the San Francisco Bay Area video production community will definitely love these updates as it makes a lot of things easier.


Adobe video editing software just keeps getting better every year, making the lives of video editors, both professionals and hobbyist, a lot easier.