How to Get Freelance Video Editor Jobs: 3 Free Resources

breakdown of how to get freelance video editor jobs for videographers

How To Get Freelance Video Editor Jobs: 3 Free Resources (+1 Juicy PRO Tip)

The internet is a beautiful thing.

So beautiful, in fact, that it allows you to apply to VARIOUS gigs all across the world and bill your clients online; all while hanging out in your pajamas.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get lost in all of the fluff sites and opportunities out there.

If you’re a DSLR videographer or stay-at-home video editor, here’s a quick list of my TOP 3 favorite sites and explanations on how to get freelance video editor jobs.

These 3 sites have allowed me to land clients all across the world, constantly travel, and live the free lifestyle that most editors/videographers always talk about.

When I first started searching for how to get freelance video editor jobs, I tried all sorts of platforms.

After bidding on HUNDREDS of jobs and creating profiles on almost all of the major freelancing sites, I discovered my top 3 that I know you’ll benefit from, as well as a couple of “job bidding hacks” that I’ll tell you about as well.

I’ve listed these freelancing sites below in detail so you can decide which one might be right for you…



how to get freelance video editor jobs(1) Elance


Over the last 8 years, some of my production company’s biggest paying clients have come from Elance. is essentially the “Goliath” of freelancing sites out there (especially because they just acquired in early 2014).

I can actually thank Elance for landing me my first TV commercial gig, where I was contracted by a corporation in Texas to produce a TV commercial while my company was based in Atlanta, GA.

Whether you’re a video producer, graphic designer, programmer, sound designer, or photographer, this site has something for any freelancer that handles digital content.

And best of all, the basic account is absolutely free and lets you bid on up to 10 projects per month!

On the flipside, if you want greater odds at landing clients, I’d suggest trying out the $10 per month individual account.

There’s no obligation, you can always downgrade for free, and if you land 1 client, you’ve already made the $10 back anyway.

Companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Google, Citigroup, Dell, and even Facebook are constantly looking on for freelance video editors just like me and you.

When you put that sort of opportunity into perspective, there’s absolutely NO reason you shouldn’t be on this site.

In regards to having a “Free” vs. “Paid” account, only you can decide what’s best for you. But either way, you need to be on this site. It’s the jam.

Click Here To Get a Free Elance Membership


(2) Guruhow to get freelance video editor jobs using and its extensive platform

(PRICE: FREE with advanced options) is a great freelancing site to be connected on, even if just for the profile.


Because two days after I setup my account, I instantly had someone contacting me locally for work!

True story.

One of my first full motion graphic projects (After Effects) came from this site, and I didn’t even have to do any searching or bidding for it.

The fact that my profile was established and contact info for my services were listed was enough for clients to begin contacting ME. offers an opportunity for people in almost EVERY type of industry, not just media and digital arts.

In fact, this site has a lot more long term projects and jobs on it than most other sites of the same caliber.

As a free service with additional options to upgrade your account, is pretty sweet. I’d definitely skim through this site for any and all work that you can find.

Click Here To Sign Up For



(3) Production Hub

how to get freelance video editor jobs on and why it's one the best platforms to use

(PRICE: FREE with advanced options) is essentially the MAC DADDY for finding video production and freelance editor jobs.

It’s heavily populated by producers all around the globe who are looking to engage with other video producers, actors, and filmmakers.

The benefit of being on this site is the people that you get to meet and work with along the way.

Thanks to this platform, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting quite a few interesting crews, directors, and other like minded individuals who all have the same passion for telling stories.


Most of the jobs listed on Production Hub are for freelancers in the realm of  videography, camera assistance, sound designer, production assistance, grip, assistant directors, production supervisors, and virtually any other position that is needed on a micro or major motion picture budget.


Since hiring local freelancers is always cheaper than flying an entire crew out to a set, you get to reap the benefits of being in the right city at the right time.

Plus, you get paid to help out on productions of ALL sizes; from smaller corporate shoots to big blockbuster films. Production Hub is absolutely free to sign up.

PRO TIP: Try using this platform for networking and getting to know some major players all across the nation in the realm of film and video production.

At the end of the day, it’s all about WHO you know. Not so much, WHAT you can do.

Click Here To Sign Up For

::BONUS:: Craigslist PRO TIP!

Believe it or not, every now and then Craigslist has some pretty solid projects posted up, so don’t neglect it!

Here’s how to use Craigslist like a PRO to land work:

how to get freelance video editor jobs using ifttt recipes

Go to This is a free service that allows you to let any account that you have online talk to other accounts that you might have online. 

002 choose craigslist trigger

After you fall in love with this website, stop drooling, and set up an “action” to alert you every time there is a job post for “Video Editor” on Craigslist.
003 copy the results
004 paste address to ifttt trigger

What this will do is email you or send you a push notification on your smartphone every time video editing jobs are posted on Craigslist. You can instantly apply for the gig before everyone else!

But Wait… It Gets Better:

Set these up for all the big cities like Atlanta, LA, New Orleans, NYC, and Chicago.
BOOM. Now you will never run out of projects to apply for. 
To see this Craigslist hack setup in action, check out the video tutorial below video from our friend, Noah Lampert over at Crvd Media


Save These Tips To Your Desktop as a Cheatsheet!

Trying to get freelance video editor jobs online can be an extremely daunting task.

To help you out, I have put this entire post into a FREE PDF file for you to save on your desktop, Dropbox, Google Drive, or wherever it is that you save those important documents.

Just click the button below to download your Free Cheatsheet PDF for safekeeping.

Give Me the Free Video Editor Jobs Cheat Sheet! >>


Make More Money. Have More Freedom

If you’re serious about making a living as a video editor with impressive skills, make sure to sign up for at least ONE of these sites noted above (or all of them) to increase your odds of success.

With a little dedication, these freelancing networks (and the Craigslist PRO TIP) are guaranteed to give you consistent work.

All while you have fun doing what you love… in your pajamas.

If you learned something or have a better platform to get consistent video production work, please feel free to share in the comments below!

And don’t forget to get grab your Video Editor Jobs Cheatsheet Here!



How to Separate Audio and Video in Adobe Premiere

how to separate audio from video in premiere dream sync

How to Separate Audio and Video in Adobe Premiere

Sometimes when you’re editing in Adobe Premiere (Pro CS6, CC, or even Elements), you want to separate your audio and video so that you can manage them individually.

In the professional editing world, this is a CRUCIAL skill to know; especially with the rise of separate sourced audio and DSLR video cameras.

In a nutshell: If you’re trying to create a solid piece of content, A/V sync is the very first step you must master.

Removing audio from your video allows for more creative freedom when moving your clips around in the timeline.

This trick also allows video professionals to pull off more believable scenes and design impressive cutaway b-roll shots while still keeping the audio intact.

Robert and our friends over at The Shopcyl Hub have created a quick tutorial
on how to remove audio from one of your video clips in Adobe Premiere.

Check out the video below:

Screenshot Breakdown for Removing Audio From Video Clips:

Now, a situation where you might use this is one like this, where there’s a video clip that I’ve cut up and I want to remove the sound from just one piece.

Click this little track lock button to lock that video track.

how to separate audio and video in premiere 1

Select the audio portion to delete

how to separate audio and video in premiere 2

Click delete on the keyboard.

  how to separate audio and video in premiere 3

Because the audio track was locked it didn’t just delete the video along with the audio since they’re linked. Instead, Premiere locked the video in so that you can now delete the audio.

When you unlock that video, you can now delete any portion that you would like without losing the audio.

how to separate audio and video in premiere 4

This is the best method to separate audio and video in Premiere.

To keep the AUDIO ONLY and just remove the video:

Lock your audio

how to separate audio and video in premiere 5

Click on the video you want to delete and press delete on your keyboard.

how to separate audio and video in premiere 6

Given these steps, you’ll be able to create all sorts of enticing scenes by moving your video clips around while maintaing your audio content in place.

Synchrizing Audio and Video From the Start:

Now, if you are trying to sync your audio and video together to begin with, that’s an entirely different process.

For “one click audio and video synchronizing”, we recommend trying out Woowave DreamSync.

This little tool will save you tons of time in post-production and make it super simple to piece your audio and video content together.

Check out Woowave DreamSync below and let us know what you think!

Click Here to Get Woowave DreamSync Now!

Synchronizing DSLR FOOTAGE with AUDIO using PluralEyes in FCP 7


Synchronizing DSLR FOOTAGE with AUDIO using PluralEyes in FCP 7

This video tutorial from my weekly show “Tutorial Tuesdays”, explains how to use PluralEyes in Final Cut Pro 7 to sync sound.
This video explains how to use it with Final Cut Pro 7, and how much time it saves by piecing together a multidevice shoot right on the fly!


Download the amazing PluralEyes app from RedGiant. They offer a free trial!

But also remember…. PluralEyes costs $200.

For a more affordable tool to sync your audio/video footage, check out DreamSync instead.
My team and I created it for the newbie / up-and-coming consumer editor with a budget:

Get DreamSync Now