Woowave DreamSync Support

Can’t Get Your Footage to Sync?

No Problem. We’d Love to Help!

First, please watch our video below to troubleshoot one of the most common A/V sync issues:
Variable Frame Rate Footage.

Click Here to Download Handbrake for FREE.

If Variable Frame Rates were not the issues, please proceed to Step 2:

Upload your files to a Dropbox or Google Drive account
and send us a link to:
support(at) woowavedreamsync (.)  com


Troubleshooting Help:

PLEASE compress (shrink) your video footage before uploading it to us!!!
This will help you upload your footage much faster and get it to us for troubleshooting.

For a free and easy way to compress your HD footage, check out Mpeg Streamclip. (download it here for free)

If you’re new to Mpeg Streamclip, check out the quick video tutorial below:

When compressing your footage, we suggest outputting your video clips as mp4 files
(“Apple TV” or “iPod Friendly” setting. This reduces the amount of time it will take for you to upload)

Got it?
Email your shared file link to:
support(at) woowavedreamsync (.)  com

For real-time assistance, feel free to reach out to us via Skype.
Username: woowave


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